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Returning Final Fantasy XIV players!


Lately we have an influx of returning players coming back to Final Fantasy XIV. It’s good to have you guys back! Let us know if you need help clearing your Main Story Quests (Get it up to 2.55) and get your ready for Heavensward. Don’t worry about being completely noob all over again.. because come Heavensward, everyone of us will be complete noobs once all the new skills and jobs are introduced to us!

For those who are intending to start/try Final Fantasy XIV, here’s a few pointers:

1. You can buy Final Fantasy XIV from a few places. There are 2 version we can buy, either US or EU. The difference is the currency you will be paying for subscription. This is also permant and cannot be changed. My recommendation is to get the US version.

Square Enix Online Shop



These site require you to have a US address in order to buy. The best way is get one from a forwarder website like Comgateway or Vpost.

GMG requires you to have a proxy to buy it. You can use Zenmate for Chrome. It’s the easiest proxy to use.

2. Yakisoba is on Tonberry Server (Elemental Datacenter). As it is a pretty full server, there are only a few timeslots where it opens up for character creation. I also recommend signing up for World Alerts, this website will email you and let you know if the server you are waiting for is available for character creation.

Currently, the new window for Tonberry is 8am, 12pm and 4pm on Weekdays. The window usually opens for less than 2 hours, so be quick!

3. Okay, now that I’m in the game: What class should I pick? It’s up to you. In FFXIV, you can play every single class in 1 character. You will be able to change jobs after you hit Level 15.

4. How to join Yakisoba? Well, click here and read it.

Also a side update:

For those members who have not updated their details on the rollcall and joined our Facebook, the deadline is the end of the month. You have a few days to do so before you will be removed from the guild. Please take time and do so now. Thank you very much.

As for the rest of us… Have fun and get readyyyy for Heavensward! Today is also the launch of the Heavensward Benchmark. Stay tuned for the link!

Yakisoba FFXIV: Purge complete, New Start Begins


We have successfully completed our Purge, removing 232 inactive members and also members who are not on the rollcall.

All members on the rollcall have been promoted to Core Members, for those who are new Core Members, welcome to this group!

There are also a few members whom has rooms, but not on the rollcall. We are currently holding on for them, please fillup the rollcall by as soon as possible or you will be forfeiting your room.

  1. Risette Dawnbreaker
  2. Kimbax Cadistrama
  3. Legendary Advisor
  4. Vondita Lightbringer
  5. Aki Starstorm

The following members who have not signed up on our Facebook Group, please kindly do or you will be removed as well:

  1. Water Fox/Water Wolf
  2. Neko Chan
  3. Oppai Chan
  4. Wei Song

We are extending the grace period for these 9 people, kindly do so by 30th April. Thank you very much.

Justice’s alt was also accidentally removed, please contact us again to have your character reinstated back to the guild. Sorry about that.

With this, we are happy to note that we still have a strong group of Core members going into Heavensward (Countdown here). For those who are interested in joining Yakisoba or returning back to FFXIV, do apply and contact us!


Yakisoba FFXIV Purging


I have decided to do a purging of the inactives and unknown lurkers inside the guild to keep the guild tighter for the upcoming Heavensward expansion. We have too many unknowns, and quite a fair bit of people not on our facebook group nor registered on our mumble. Since I started Yakisoba, this has a guild where community is most important. Being part of Facebook allows all members to connect with each other, even out of games and being on mumble allows tighter bonds to be built.

As such, everybody will be removed from the Yakisoba Free Company, and will be required to register on the new Master Rollcall. This will allow us to keep track who is who in the guild and also on Facebook.

For our active members, this will be a small hindrance but please fill up the rollcall and reapply to the guild to be invited back. If you have not installed mumble and registered for an account, please kindly do so. Instructions on how to do so can be found on the link in the rollcall.

We also started a guild fee collection as part of our drive to increase our guild fund in preparation of the guild funds.

For those who are inactive, but intending to sub back to the game, please fill up on the Rollcall and you will be retained in the guild.

For those who can’t be bothered… well good bye I guess.

I will be purging all members by Friday 17th April by 12pm.  ***Those with rooms in the guild house, please make sure you update the rollcall so you won’t be removed from the guild***

Appreciate if all members can inform all each other about this plan. Thank you very much!




Yakisoba @ FFXIV: Heavensward Expansion


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
Expansion Patch 3.0
Tour of Heavensward Trailer

Yakisoba will be going full on casual once again in anticipation of Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion: Heavensward. We will be starting recruitment drives and we want to bring in more players back for Heavensward. Heavensward is a fully fleshed out expansion, and Yoshi P who has spent 2 years re-building FFXIV diligently to its current state is now ready to unleash so much more new things.

  • Level 60 Cap & New Race: Au Ra
  • New Jobs: Dark Knight (Tank), Astrologian (Healer), Machinist (DPS/Support)
  • New expansion set in Isgard, flying mounts and also Free Company can craft Airships and send it to explore new maps, and eventually be able to send players for raids.
  • New Raids with 2 difficulty: Normal (For those who want to do just for story, easier than current Coil difficulty), Hard (For the hardcore raiders, Savage Coil difficulty). Raids will start 2 weeks after launch to allow players to level up and enjoy the story first without feeling pressured to rush to endgame.
  • New End Game Crafting and Gathering for hardcore DOH/DOL players
  • Mac Client
  • and more to come

If you have been thinking about playing FFXIV, or quit and is planning to come back- you have 3 months from now to get ready!

Annnddd read about our Yakisoba Heavensward’s plan here now:


Yakisoba Team D Down T8!


Once again Yakisoba Cleared T8 in record time!

I am proud to say that Team D who had used all the resources in their disposal including Potent Poison pot to burn the boss before enrage kicks in.

Yaki Team D now belong to the top 5 in Tonberry and First in Yakisoba to clear T8 .

Video of clear will be posted soon.


Yakisoba’s Team A downs T7!



I am proud to announce that Team A has progressed and cleared T7 last night!

Superb job to Courage Silentdeath and his strong dedicated team. Check out the video of their clear here!

May they take down T8 soon and be part of the world’s climb to clearing the currently undefeatable T9.


Yakisoba’s Team A Clears T6!



I am proud to announce that our first team, Team A has cleared Turn 6! A big congrats to Courage Silentdeath and his team. May they continue to bang down the rest of the 2nd Coil of Bahamut!

Check out their T6 clear video here!


Yakisoba’s First Mog King Extreme Kill!


We hope everyone is enjoying the new Patch 2.2 content. Here’s a video of our first Mog King EX kill! It’s a very fun fight that requires a buttload of coordination. No idea how people are going to pug this, but all the best to everyone!

Here’s the video of our fight. Enjoy:

And the Healing Ribbon neck accessory dropped!



Yakisoba FFXIV is Recruiting!


We want you!

Yakisoba Guild is recruiting more members for FFXIV!

We are a Singapore/Malaysia/SEA guild founded in 2007, with a strong working adult community that has not weaned off our love for gaming. We’re not exactly hardcore, nor are we really casuals. FFXIV is our current main MMO, and we foresee us staying here for a while. SE has been releasing fantastic patches every 3 months.

Yakisoba has 2 guild houses in Limsa Lominsa, 10 static Coil Raiding teams (each team also has their own streamer!), a dedicated officer team that has worked closely with Tsubaki for many years to serve the Yakisoba family, a structured system for organizing raid teams, a dedicated Mumble server and have offline gatherings whenever possible. In fact, we are hosting our very first international gathering in May this year!

We are recruiting new players, level 50 coil-ready players from SG/MY/SEA. We are looking to expand and open up more Coil raiding teams in anticipation of Patch 2.2! Even if you are not from this side of the world, and you don’t mind our local slangs and accents (SINGLISH LAH) you are more than welcome here! Our timezone is GMT+8, and our peak number of players are usually after 7pm.

If you would like to be a part of the Yakisoba family, kindly read the instructions here:



Yakisoba gets the rare Savage Arc of Triumph!



We are very proud to show our newest furniture for our guild house, the Savage Arc of Triumph!

A huge shout out to Elliesmera Bowjob who rolled 99 on the Dimension blade Fragment in CT! We now hereby declare “BJrolls” as the ultimate roll to get, the opposite of our infamous “wudiroll”.

If you are on Tonberry server, do come visit our houses! Cheers!


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