Yakisoba FFXIV Purging


I have decided to do a purging of the inactives and unknown lurkers inside the guild to keep the guild tighter for the upcoming Heavensward expansion. We have too many unknowns, and quite a fair bit of people not on our facebook group nor registered on our mumble. Since I started Yakisoba, this has a guild where community is most important. Being part of Facebook allows all members to connect with each other, even out of games and being on mumble allows tighter bonds to be built.

As such, everybody will be removed from the Yakisoba Free Company, and will be required to register on the new Master Rollcall. This will allow us to keep track who is who in the guild and also on Facebook.

For our active members, this will be a small hindrance but please fill up the rollcall and reapply to the guild to be invited back. If you have not installed mumble and registered for an account, please kindly do so. Instructions on how to do so can be found on the link in the rollcall.

We also started a guild fee collection as part of our drive to increase our guild fund in preparation of the guild funds.

For those who are inactive, but intending to sub back to the game, please fill up on the Rollcall and you will be retained in the guild.

For those who can’t be bothered… well good bye I guess.

I will be purging all members by Friday 17th April by 12pm.  ***Those with rooms in the guild house, please make sure you update the rollcall so you won’t be removed from the guild***

Appreciate if all members can inform all each other about this plan. Thank you very much!



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