Yakisoba @ FFXIV: Heavensward Expansion


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward
Expansion Patch 3.0
Tour of Heavensward Trailer

Yakisoba will be going full on casual once again in anticipation of Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion: Heavensward. We will be starting recruitment drives and we want to bring in more players back for Heavensward. Heavensward is a fully fleshed out expansion, and Yoshi P who has spent 2 years re-building FFXIV diligently to its current state is now ready to unleash so much more new things.

  • Level 60 Cap & New Race: Au Ra
  • New Jobs: Dark Knight (Tank), Astrologian (Healer), Machinist (DPS/Support)
  • New expansion set in Isgard, flying mounts and also Free Company can craft Airships and send it to explore new maps, and eventually be able to send players for raids.
  • New Raids with 2 difficulty: Normal (For those who want to do just for story, easier than current Coil difficulty), Hard (For the hardcore raiders, Savage Coil difficulty). Raids will start 2 weeks after launch to allow players to level up and enjoy the story first without feeling pressured to rush to endgame.
  • New End Game Crafting and Gathering for hardcore DOH/DOL players
  • Mac Client
  • and more to come

If you have been thinking about playing FFXIV, or quit and is planning to come back- you have 3 months from now to get ready!

Annnddd read about our Yakisoba Heavensward’s plan here now: http://goo.gl/qBMSx7

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