Official Yakisoba Guild Post on ArchAge


We want to formally announce that we will be pulling the plug on Archeage for Yakisoba, as we are extremely disappointed with the way Trion is handling all the issues and problems at hand.

Archeage was a big game that we have been anticipating, and quite a fair bit of members sunk in early on the founders pack. The hype for the game was fairly large and many members came onboard AA, and enjoyed the game very much. AA was a great game- it really gave us a great time, but it was plague with bots and hacks that were really game breaking and demoralizing for legitimate players, and players who support Trion with their wallet.

It is more apparent that Trion is out for a fast cashgrab for AA. The Archeum Tree issue is really the final nail to the coffin, and a lot of members are quitting the game to boycott Trion. Nobody is gonna buy this
 We didn’t know the RNG for the tree in the box was so high. So we are currently lowering the droprate for the tree in the patch in the coming month” bullshit. 

For those who are still enjoying their time in AA, good for you. But as a word of caution, don’t spend any more money. If you are playing purely for free, then you have not lost anything much. But there will not be any guild leadership support for the game. Take it that we are officially boycotting Archeage. Even our allies are done with this game. 

Tsuu has returned back to Final Fantasy XIV, where there is a thriving Yakisoba community maintained by Precia, Exece and Courage and the many core Yakisoba members. In the wake of Patch 2.4 and the introduction of the Ninja class and many other new content, we welcome returning and new members to join us there. 

Shader has gone to WoW:WoD, but we will not be forming an official Yakisoba shard there. If you are casual enough you can join him in Barthilas-Australia and watch him eat a hat.

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