Yakisoba FFXIV: Purge complete, New Start Begins


We have successfully completed our Purge, removing 232 inactive members and also members who are not on the rollcall.

All members on the rollcall have been promoted to Core Members, for those who are new Core Members, welcome to this group!

There are also a few members whom has rooms, but not on the rollcall. We are currently holding on for them, please fillup the rollcall by as soon as possible or you will be forfeiting your room.

  1. Risette Dawnbreaker
  2. Kimbax Cadistrama
  3. Legendary Advisor
  4. Vondita Lightbringer
  5. Aki Starstorm

The following members who have not signed up on our Facebook Group, please kindly do or you will be removed as well:

  1. Water Fox/Water Wolf
  2. Neko Chan
  3. Oppai Chan
  4. Wei Song

We are extending the grace period for these 9 people, kindly do so by 30th April. Thank you very much.

Justice’s alt was also accidentally removed, please contact us again to have your character reinstated back to the guild. Sorry about that.

With this, we are happy to note that we still have a strong group of Core members going into Heavensward (Countdown here). For those who are interested in joining Yakisoba or returning back to FFXIV, do apply and contact us!

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3 Responses to “Yakisoba FFXIV: Purge complete, New Start Begins”

  1. Ctwarrior says:

    Hi Team,

    I was part of Yakisoba FF14 in Tonberry, joining only in March. I am very interested to be in a hardcore raiding group again and awaiting patiently for Heavensward. Not sure whether the purge had cleared by name, if possible, could you add me back if I have been purged?

    My ign is ctwarrior and I am a specialize healer.

    Thank you very much for your time.

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