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Yakisoba [Yaki] First FC to own 2 Houses- Medium and Small Houses!



We are very proud to share with everyone our greatest achievement- Yakisoba Free Company is the first FC to own 2 houses!

When we first started discussing which houses to get, we decided that we wanted to take Plot 29 and 26 because this 2 plots were connected to each other. Plot 26 was like a little “Reception” area before you could go to Plot 29. We knew that 1 FC could only buy 1 house. Thus we started the mammoth task of raising funds for both houses, and also the task of leveling a new alt-Free Company to Rank 6 just so we could buy a second house.

Close to 90 members helped chip in towards the fund raising, and all of those who donated above 200k were given the privilege of decorating the house! Half the guild also helped with the leveling process of the alt-guild. It is truly an amazing feat pulled off by all the Yakisoba members, and it will definitely be a milestone in our gaming history.

Check out this album for more of the photos of the houses, and if you are also playing on Tonberry server do drop by our house! We are an active bunch and it’s always crowded in our house!


Turn 5, good bye.



In the words of many Yakisoba members, “About fucking time”. Video of our nice zero death run here. Warning: Loads of cussing.


Biggest Achievement: Yakisoba Progression Team downs Turn 4!


We finally did it! After so many days of wiping, we can proudly say that the Progression team has cleared Coil of Bahamut Turn 4!

Great job to everyone on the team! If you want to watch us do it, here’s the highlight video of us clearing it!

Now onwards… to Pokemon! (since Turn 5 is down)


Congrats to Teh Oppa for Achieving Lvl 50 for all class!


One of our members has set aside a crazy goal of leveling all 9 classes to level 50 just to get the Paragon’s Crown.

Please congrats Teh Oppa for being the first in the guild (and maybe in the server?) for reaching Level 450! The king of no life!

Check out his crown here:


Yakisoba Coil of Bahamut Progression



Time for some updates!

Yakisoba currently has 3 raid teams attempting Coil of Bahamut, the Progression team (led by Sheda Besuto), Regular Team A (led by Courage Silentdeath) and Regular Team B (led by Inadequate Paladin). We are doing pretty well, with the progression team clearing until Turn 4. Team A is now up to Turn 2, while Team B is attempting Turn 1. We are hoping to start a 4th raid team soon, as soon as more members gear up.

Our Coil of Bahamut journey has been very very challenging indeed. Square Enix has really raised the bar for raids with a good mix of fun and difficulty.

Also we stream our progression raid team on our Yakisoba Guild Twitch channel, please do support and follow us!  Our other raid team stream links can also be found on the twitch channel.

If you are looking to see how we clear Turn 1, Turn 2 and Turn 3, do check out our these highlight links. As a bonus, watch us derp around in Turn 4.

Stay tune on our Twitch channel as we try to bust down Turn 4 and make our way to the so far undefeated (legitimately) Turn 5 Twintania! Cheers!


Yakisoba downs Titan Hardmode!


I am sooooo pleased to announce that Yakisoba has finally down Titan Hardmode!  After 5 days of attempting this insanely challenging Primal!

We have been trying over and over the last few days. Countless of sleepless nights, flared tempers, gil burned, members hearing the BGM repeating over and over in their heads. We knew his skill rotation by heart, but we just kept having little mistakes here and there that wiped us hard.

But today, we knew we were ready. It was time to get even with Titan.

However, it was a rocky start: We first had one of our member disconnected due to lag. So we had no choice but to replace him with another member. We begin the fight, and then after another member lagged out and got disconnected. Worst luck ever. Replaced. We finally got another member in…. and suddenly his house area suffered a BLACKOUT.

Again we had to replace with another member. This was definitely not a fantastic night. Lady luck was not on our side at all.

But we pushed on, and wiped a couple of times before we finally did this run. It was a perfect run. Nobody died. Nobody made any mistakes. It was smooth as hell. Scary as hell. When Titan was just down to his last 5% health, we were silently screaming in our heads to make sure we didn’t mess it up. 4% came and went. 3%. 2%. And finally that last 1%….


Everyone screamed the hell out when we finally got Titan down. It was and incredible feeling. The sense of achievement of taking down a truly challenging boss. It was an incredible moment that we will always remember for the rest of our gaming lives.

Next up, Coil of Bahamut! Wish us luck!


Yakisoba @ FFXIV: AAR



I think I speak for everyone who played the Open Beta of FFXI: AAR last week: FFXIV: AAR is a sleeper hit.

We came in just for fun, and found ourselves immensely enjoying the game far more than what we expected it to be. Having said that, we are definitely encouraging more members to give FFXIV a try and we will be actively playing this MMORPG. Yakisoba will be pulling all the stops and go all the way for this MMORPG. Rollcall for it is up, check our facebook for the link.


  1. Tsubaki
  2. Shader
  3. Kuch
  4. Testarossa

Shader and myself will be running the Yakisoba shard in FFXIV, together with the other officers assisting us. Here’s a little something for all members to understand about the guild system.


Invitation-based chat channels called linkshells (LS) can be used for virtually any purpose, including casual conversation. Characters can be members of up to 8 LSs at a time. Players will be able to browse and chat with all of their LSs at any given moment.

> Yakisoba already has a Linkshell set up in OBT, all members, friends of Yakisoba can be invited to this Linkshell. PM any officers to be added.

Free Company

Players can also join together to form an organization (i.e. “guild”) called a free company (FC). Unlike LSs, characters can only be in one FC. In addition to having a chat channel and shared storage, members of FCs will be able work together to gain free company EXP and credits to earn expanded features and benefits. This includes company-wide bonuses with both low-level and end-game utility. FCs can also obtain customizable crests, which can be put on equipment. Although FCs branch off GCs, there are no restrictions based on allegiance.

 > As soon as Shader or myself reach Lvl 25, we will make a Free Company and all members from the Linkshell will be invited. However, we will be collecting 1,000 gil per member upon joining the guild. All of these money collected will go into the guild fund of buying a FC House.


We will also be pooling money together from all members to buy a House for the guild. When we have more details about the cost, we will let everyone know how much to chip in. It’s great that we will finally have a physical Guild hall in the game, and we are very excited to get it. Learn more about Housing here.



Yakisoba @ Final Fantasy 14 : Reborn


We will be setting up Yakisoba in Final Fantasty XIV: A Realm Reborn. This shard will be headed by Shader (mostly) and Tsubaki and the guild’s direction is a casual. We’re in this game to enjoy the lore, art, music, design, choco-fucking-bos. There won’t be mass recruiting going on, the guild is more for existing Yakisoba members and their friends. We are pretty sure we’ll only be playing it for a couple of months only (FYI game is p2p).

Don’t expect much hardcore raiding or whatever, we have Rift (our hardcore shard) for that. There probably will be some raiding, but we’ll see about that.

If you are interested to join us, you can grab the game off Greenmangaming for $22 if you use the 25% discount coupon (expires 16 Aug): GMG25-OGRUH-7SM8H

Aug 16th: Beta phase 4 begins for phase 3 players.
Aug 17th: Beta phase 4 (open beta) begins for all players.
Aug 24th: Start of Early Access (pre-order reward)
Aug 27th: LAUNCH

We will be playing on Tonberry server.

Join Yakisoba Facebook for more info!

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