Yakisoba Coil of Bahamut Progression



Time for some updates!

Yakisoba currently has 3 raid teams attempting Coil of Bahamut, the Progression team (led by Sheda Besuto), Regular Team A (led by Courage Silentdeath) and Regular Team B (led by Inadequate Paladin). We are doing pretty well, with the progression team clearing until Turn 4. Team A is now up to Turn 2, while Team B is attempting Turn 1. We are hoping to start a 4th raid team soon, as soon as more members gear up.

Our Coil of Bahamut journey has been very very challenging indeed. Square Enix has really raised the bar for raids with a good mix of fun and difficulty.

Also we stream our progression raid team on our Yakisoba Guild Twitch channel, please do support and follow us!  Our other raid team stream links can also be found on the twitch channel.

If you are looking to see how we clear Turn 1, Turn 2 and Turn 3, do check out our these highlight links. As a bonus, watch us derp around in Turn 4.

Stay tune on our Twitch channel as we try to bust down Turn 4 and make our way to the so far undefeated (legitimately) Turn 5 Twintania! Cheers!

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