Yakisoba FFXIV is Recruiting!


We want you!

Yakisoba Guild is recruiting more members for FFXIV!

We are a Singapore/Malaysia/SEA guild founded in 2007, with a strong working adult community that has not weaned off our love for gaming. We’re not exactly hardcore, nor are we really casuals. FFXIV is our current main MMO, and we foresee us staying here for a while. SE has been releasing fantastic patches every 3 months.

Yakisoba has 2 guild houses in Limsa Lominsa, 10 static Coil Raiding teams (each team also has their own Twitch.tv streamer!), a dedicated officer team that has worked closely with Tsubaki for many years to serve the Yakisoba family, a structured system for organizing raid teams, a dedicated Mumble server and have offline gatherings whenever possible. In fact, we are hosting our very first international gathering in May this year!

We are recruiting new players, level 50 coil-ready players from SG/MY/SEA. We are looking to expand and open up more Coil raiding teams in anticipation of Patch 2.2! Even if you are not from this side of the world, and you don’t mind our local slangs and accents (SINGLISH LAH) you are more than welcome here! Our timezone is GMT+8, and our peak number of players are usually after 7pm.

If you would like to be a part of the Yakisoba family, kindly read the instructions here: join.yakisobaguild.net


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