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Yakisoba is recruiting!

Yakisoba Guild is now recruiting for new members who are WvW-oriented and want to be part of an organized guild for WvW. We are also part of an alliance that takes WvW very seriously, and we are looking to increase our numbers on the battleground. If you play during our timezone GMT+8 8pm to 12am, and enjoy proper teamwork and coordination for WvW, join us!

Requirements to join Yakisoba: 

– Must use Mumble, our guild’s VoIP server

– Dedicated and willing to work together with other members

– Willing to listen to officers & captains instructions, and not have a solo mentality

– Enjoy playing WvW

– Read about our guild’s policy and believe in what we stand for

– 10 silver for recruitment fee

To join us, come onto our mumble server and then PM either Tsuu, Shader or Enzer for a quick interview. If you have a referral, do let us know as well. 


Yakisoba Guild: the state of the guild and visions ahead

It’s 1 month since the launch of Guild Wars 2, and I thought it’s a good time to pen down some reflections for Yakisoba.

The guild has been growing at a super quick pace and even though we have closed recruitment and only open our doors to friends of members, there is still a long line of Yakisoba hopefuls who want to join the guild. We have a lot of new passionate and friendly members who have quickly assimilated into the guild culture. There are still some very quiet new members who go about playing the game with little or barely any interaction with members, and we really hope that they will step up and take a proactive approach to warm up to everyone.

We have been doing very well in WvW with our fellow guilds in Titan Alliance, constantly beating other servers and putting our homeserver on an undefeated streak at the moment. Currently we are in the top bracket for WvW. We are very proud of the fact that our homeserver has shown a great level of organized plays in WvW and have pulled out truly amazing coordinated takeovers and defense. More so, I am very proud of our WvW officers and captains who have placed in such a sheer level of dedication to the guild by constantly (and almost daily) organizing WvW sessions, even though we initially wanted to put WvW on a 4 times a week activity.

We also recently started organizing our first ever guild event, a raffle in our attempt to encourage more members to donate to the guild in order for us to progress to the next level for WvW, and at the same time still give something back to those who contribute. Nobody likes to be give away money freely, but we need to quickly raise enough money to buy the WvW Commander Scroll for our WvW officers. It cost 100 gold, but it is permanent. This allows our officers map presence in WvW and also to form a huge party and give instruction and coordinate fights with non-Yakisoba players to fight along side with us.

But having said all of this, it’s important that we do not take for granted the good things that has happened for the guild. Any guild can easy crumble. And I do not want this to happen. Yakisoba has the advantage that we have been around for 7 years and counting, and we have a strong core membership group that has a great deal of pride of being a Yakisoba member. To lose all of this to a guild drama would be stupid.

I should take this time to remind everyone that always be mindful of their words with others. It’s fine to joke and tease, but be careful not to go overboard. It’s fine to show off a little, but becareful to come across as arrogant. It’s fine to rage during an intense fight, but always remember at the end of the day to apologize. We are all humans after all. We expect all members to be matured about their dealings with each other. Toes will always be stepped on, and feathers will be ruffled from time to time, but at the end of the day we should remember that we are all Yakisoba members and we must have that pride to be a part of a community that take cares and help one another. If you don’t have that emotional connection to the guild, then perhaps you will need to relook into your membership here.

I also want to emphasis the use of mumble while playing with each other. Voice communication is crucial in not just team play, but also building community and getting to know each other better. Members who spend a great of deal of time playing with each other while using mumble often form very strong friendship and camaraderie with each other. Very often, new members are promoted to Core Members status once we are familiar with them and can see the level of dedication to the guild. This is not about favoritism, but about familiarities.

Now that we have unlock the 100 slot Guild Treasure Trove, we are going to give a section of the guild bank to Core Members who will have access to deposit and withdraw items to share with other Core Members. We will not police over this section, and we leave it entirely to trust. Core Members are welcome to share anything they wish here, and take whatever they need. Just take what you need, and leave the rest for others. Do not ever sell these items for your own profit.

Also, it has come to my attention that there are members who don’t want to WvW because they just want to focus on PvE to farm money. While PvE does seem like an easier way to farm money, helping out in WvW actual helps the money making easier because of Power of the Mists bonuses. Currently at 100k points in WvW, we have accrued a 6% bonus to gold per kill, and this will continue to grow. The WvW queues in our server takes forever, but everyone should queue for it whenever we have all-calls. We need members out on the front lines to fight and ideally we would like to field up to 30-40 members during each organized session. The more we have, the easier it is for us to pull off single guild fights against larger zergfest.

Lastly, I really hope that we can keep up the Yakisoba spirit many months into the game. We are here for the long haul, and hopefully ArenaNet keeps churning out content to wet everyone’s appetite for Guild Wars 2. My vision for the Yakisoba is remain one of the best guilds around for members to be in. Not because we are hardcore or elite but simply because we have the best community for members. And to do this, I really need each and everyone of you members to make the effort to keep this spirit of the guild up!

While I have not had the luxury to play very much recently due to work commitments, I am glad that our officers (a shout out especially to Shader, Enzer, Cara and Kuch) have been tirelessly running and managing the guild well in my absence. I hope to return back very soon and steer the guild to greater heights, and I look forward to playing more with all fellow Yakisoba members.



Leader of Yakisoba

Yakisoba Raffle!

Proudly presenting to all members our first ever fundraising event for the guild!

We are conducting a Raffle to raise funds for WvW items such as Commander’s Handbook (100Gold) and seige blueprints. All of this funds will help our guild’s WvW endeavors as well as a great way for the guild to earn something nice in return. Prizes are all sponsored by members from the guild.

Prizes to be won:

1. Celestial Dye
2. Arma 2 CO
3. Many more steam games such as:
  • Sanctum
  • Farcry 2 + DLC
  • Burnout Paradise
  • Arma 2 : Combined Ops
  • Tom Clancy HawX
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Saints Row 3 + DLC
  • EvE Online
  • Natural Selection 2
  • Terraria
  • Portal
  • Defence Grid
  • Alien Breed : Impact

*The Winner(s) will get to choose one out of the available prizes.
*The amount of winners will be determined by the number of entries; so more entries = more prizes!!

Here are the rules:
1. 10 Silver per Ticket
2. Each Ticket will allow you to choose a number from 1-1000
3. Tickets will be open for sale from now till 30th September 2012 11.59pm +8GMT
4. On 1st October 2012, we will RNG a number and the person who has the closest number wins!
5. In the case of a tie, we will hold “The Yakisoba Games” where contestants will fight till the last man/woman standing

How to buy a ticket:
Send an (in-game) mail -To: Enzer- || -Subject: Yakisoba Raffle!- with the number(s) you want and correct amount of Silver/Gold. Click here for a template guide:

Enzer will then update it on a google doc (link below) where everyone will be able to see who has bought how many tickets and what numbers they have chosen.
The names in the doc will be the character name that sent Enzer the mail (So use your main!).

So what you waiting for, go flood Enzer’s mail!!!

Good luck everyone! Let’s make this a successful guild event!


Introducing The Yakisoba sPvP Team

I am glad to announce the start of our sPvP teams which is headed by team leaders and overseen by Pain.6478 our PvP officer.

sPvP in Guild Wars 2 is skill based, highly competitive version of the standard Arena Conquest gameplay. It is split between public sPvP with up to 16 players, and premade tournament type consisting of 5 man team, like the 5v5 LoL/DotA ladder.  The objectives in each of map for the current conquest version is the same, get more points than the opponent team. Each of the map have different ways of achieving said points, people who need more info on this should read up on more of this at the official wiki.

In sPvP, everyone will have access to every single exotic sigils and equipment. You will have access to all skills and traits. The only thing that differs you from your opponent is your build and player skill. This makes sPvP easy to jump in and play, but hard to master, which is one of the main criteria as an eSports.

  • For members that are interested in sPvP but doesn’t have a 5 man group yet, please contact Pain in-game for public PvP tryouts where you can try out sPvP and hopefully find a group of players that you can form a 5 man with. This is because in sPvP, each team needs to bond and gel as a united whole, knowing the playstyle of each of your 5 man member is very important in order to play sPvP well. This is unlike WvW where anyone can join any team and just follow instructions.
  • For those that have an unofficial group or a partial group. Please contact Pain with your group information, this is so we can included you in our roster and be eligible for in-house tournament.

Our official group page is at [link], please apply here if you are interested and are already a member of Yakisoba.

Team Structure

We will have multiple team leader in charge of their own sPvP 5 man group.Pain our PvP officer would be overseeing all the groups leaders for tournament play.

Team leaders are the group leaders of the 5 man team, they are in charge of maintaining team morale and standards of play. They will need to come up with strategy and builds for their team, with the support of our PvP Officer and the Yakisoba sPvP Group. Each group indubitably will have different playstyle according to the strength and weaknesses of their members.

In-house Tournament

We will be organizing in-house tournament after we have established a couple of teams and when we feel that each team would give the other a run for the money.

The in-house tournament will feature prizes in the form of Steam Games and In-Game Items. We will add additional prizes as the pool of potential team increases. This will give you somewhat an incentive to play to the best of your abilities.

Team Roster

The team captains and their teams will be published on the right side of the web, and the team itself will also be featured in the facebook group and on the web occasionally.


Yakisoba’s First! 100% World Completion

I am proud to present Yakisoba’s First world completion member. Voyage Vidimus! Achieving 100% completion on all maps. Congratulation!

Furthermore, he has only played 222 Hours and 34 Minutes on this character!

Expect many more first and world first from Yakisoba, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Yakisoba’s Anti-Botting Stance

Yakisoba has a strict anti-botting stance, and it greatly disturbs me that we have a member in the house that has been caught using botting/macroing. Lex was discovered to be AFK-macroing his character by our own members. I am very disappointed in this because Lex was our highest level in Yakisoba. I have kicked Lex from the guild and would also like to take this opportunity to warn all members about our stance on this.

We take great pride in leveling our characters, and using bots or AFK-macroing is a major No in our book. What’s worst is that it doesn’t even make sense to bot in Guild Wars 2. Levels don’t matter here as much as other MMOs. Please do not disgrace the guild with such an issue. Any members caught or reported will be expelled from the guild immediately.

Below are 2 video proof of Lex’s afk-macro in action.

The Final Countdown

Obligatory music from Europe – The Final Countdown.

With 3 hours more to go on for the possible early launch at 12pm, we have now reach frenzied stage. The excitement that is going on in our facebook group is over 9000! Also, we recently had a surge in applications and approval, which we have approved on a case by case basis. For the benefit of the new members, this is my last reminder slash guide for them on the basic requirements for Yakisoba.

1. Read the Pre-Guild Wars 2 preparation post here.

2. The few basic things you need to do to join Yakisoba Guild in Guild Wars 2.

  • Be accepted on the Facebook Group
  • Added your name into the rollcall
  • Downloaded mumble, and get registered by an officer
  • Wait in mumble/facebook for the selected server details
  • Mail 50 bronze to Tsubaki (IGN to be confirmed later)
  • Wait for invite
  • Invitation received, represent guild and voila you are a confirmed Yakisoba member.

3. Try out the Members login on the right side of the blog for any members-only news. Password is on our facebook.


Having said all of this, we will no longer explain this process any further. After a few days, we will begin pruning our member list. Members who fail to meet any of those basic requirements will be removed. Please don’t tell us you don’t know, because if you don’t have the bothered to be updated with what’s going on in Yakisoba, perhaps this is not the guild for you.

Cheers all. Let’s get ready for Guild Wars 2!

Final Race/Class Poll Results

We know that there would be some members who are having second thought on their main classes and we have decided to have another round of class polls. Below are the results!

It is quite interesting to see how the class demographics has shifted from our previous poll. Necromancer sees a surge of players wanting to roll it, while Ranger hit rock bottom. It’s also nice to see that our previously huge demand for Warrior has now dipped down nicely. I daresay our classes are pretty balance now.

In the race department, it seem that a lot more players have decided to go with Human, and Norn now overtakes Charr as the least popular race in the guild. There’s also a big increase for Asura, which we are not surprised after we finally had the opportunity to play them in the last BWE. Asuras have the best animations in GW2 hands down.


Tightening Up Mumble


We have recently increase our mumble security, this is to set up a barrier between member and public. The changes are listed below.

Changes to mumble

  • Users are no longer able register self. Please ask an officer to register you after confirming identity.
  • Unregistered users can access recruitment and afk channels only.

Guild Wars 2 Mumble Skin

Someone over at Reddit made an awesome Guild Wars 2 skin for mumble.

We highly recommend all members to check it out! It is great. For those having trouble loading reddit, here’s the download and installation instructions:

Can download from here and to install :

  • Place the “skins” folder in Mumble’s root directory, like this: ( D:\Program Files (x86)\Mumble\ <– skins\bones\ )
  • Open mumble, go to Configure, then User Interface
  • In Look and Feel, choose Cleanlooks from Style dropdown.
  • Under Skin hit Browse..
  • Pick the Skins/GW2 folder and then the file gw2.qss, hit Open Hit Apply
  • I also use custom layout out and stick the chat box just below toolbar.
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