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A BWE3 Retrospective – Titan Alliance vs. Reddit/Darkhaven, Fort Aspenwood, Ascension Alliance

Titan Alliance released a new video. Check it out!

1 Hour Stress Test

We will be conducting a stress test TOMORROW Sunday, August 12 from 11:00 AM PACIFIC Time to 12:00 Noon PACIFIC Time.

REMEMBER: We will be actively working on the game during the event, so you might experience connectivity problems or discover features that are not working as designed.

Any issues you experience are a result of the rigorous conditions of the stress test, and are in no way representative of the state of the game at launch.

By participating in this stress test, you’re helping us make Guild Wars 2 a better game. Thanks for your cooperation—we’ll see you in-game!

For those who want to play in this one hour stress test, it will be August 13 Monday 2 am to 3am GMT +8 time. Not friendly for those who have school or work, but hey it’s still one hour of Guild Wars 2.

Yakisoba Closes recruitment at 150 members

Yakisoba Guild has now reached 150 members and we will be closing our recruitment for the time being. We will be assessing our current crop of new members for launch and will ask members who do not meet our basic requirements to leave, such as using mumble or not meeting our guild expectations and etiquette. We will open recruitment again come live, and our final guild strength will be at 200 members.

As we are not in the hurry to hit the cap, we will slowly take in new members. We do not believe in having a large guild, because it is often messy to manage and creates room for drama. I’ll be very frank and say that we have little tolerance for members with poor attitudes or have an odd taste of creating drama. The average age in Yakisoba is 25 and the majority of our members are working adults. We have no space for what we call “ginna” (for our western counterparts this means “kids” in hokkien) and we don’t have the time to deal with this kind of nonsense. We will remove these members on first notice.

Overall, here at Yakisoba we intend to promote a conducive gaming environment for our members and be a guild where all members can really be proud to be a part of the guild for the rest of their gaming lives. Most of the core members have been with us for a long time and we hope that the new members who joined / will be joining us will soon find a home here with us at Yakisoba.

If you are still interested to join us, keep an eye on this blog for updates when we reopen our recruitment.

Facebook Group Pruning Alert

Attention all members: we will be pruning our Facebook group by this week. There is an increase of unfamiliar faces in our group and it is starting to get out of hand. It’s almost reflecting the same population boom our country is facing with the horde of immigrants, but that’s another tale. Anyway, with that in mind we will be removing unknown members by the end of this week.

As such in place there will be 2 criteria for removal:

1. Any new member (with a joined date of 6 months or earlier) who does not have their name on the Yakisoba Guild Wars 2 rollcall by Friday will be removed. If you have not done so please do it now.

2. Any old members who has been inactive, or unknown to any of the officers will be removed as well. We know there are some of the old members who won’t be playing Guild Wars 2 but still want to hang around in the group, don’t worry we won’t remove you.

3. If you were wrongly removed, please rejoin to let us know.

Also, once we hit 150 members, we will be temporary closing guild recruitment until live. We will want to assess the current state of new members and remove those who are just lurkers. When Guild Wars 2 launches, there will be different non-officer ranks conferred to various members. Do read our White Paper to learn more about that. Core members are those members who have been recognized to be seasoned Yakisoba members.

Yakisoba Guild Wars 2 Launch Survey Results

After polling about 92 members regarding the launch of Guild Wars 2 and Yakisoba Guild matters, we now have a very good sensing of what the demographics of the guild is like. We have an unusually large amount of Warriors in the guild, and I hope some members might consider giving some love to the Necro profession.

And now, the pie and bar charts that we all love to see:

BWE3: It’s over + New Guild Survey out

And it’s overrrrrr.

Finally. BWE3 is over and done with, no more testing. No more wipes. The next time we lay our hands on Guild Wars 2, it’s going to be the real thing. The game that we have been waiting for a long time. Yakisoba has finally found a new home.

Also, I have posted a guild survey on our facebook group. I’ll post the results as soon as everyone has completed it, and this should give us a good idea of the demographics in this guild. This will also help me in shaping up some of the guild policies. Please take some time to fill this up!

Quick Reminders

In about 6 hours time we will finally be reunited with our beloved Guild Wars 2. Some of you will probably have a hard time sleeping early tonight just to catch some sleep before the launch, and I hope you stocked up well to last you thru the next 3 days. But whatever it is, we are going to have a blast!

Remember our server for BWE will be Gate of Madness. Unless there is a change mentioned on this blog, you can all safely assume this will be the server we will roll.

Also, make sure your mumble is working! Invites to guild will only be granted thru mumble. Look for Tsubaki or Shader. If you can’t be ass-ed to get mumble, we can’t be assed to invite you to the guild!

For those who are coming on to mumble for the first time, do remember to register your name by right clicking it and select Register. You can also add a comment to put your real name, so it’s easier for people to associate your nickname with your facebook account.

See ya all later tonight for the launch!

Yakisoba’s Server Choice for BWE3

After consulting with Synapse, and together with the Titan Alliance, we will all roll together on a new server:

Gate of Madness (US)

All members please take note of this immediate change.

BWE3 will go live on Saturday at 3am. I will be up at 3am to re-create Yakisoba and reinvite all members into the guild. Myself (Tsubaki) and Shader will have the power to invite members and as mentioned in the previous post, we will only invite members who request for to be added on the guild on Mumble. Thank you!

Please make sure you have Mumble downloaded if you have not done so yet.

PS: If there is a last minute change due to server being full or whatever, it will be reflected on this blog, so do check in here before you select your home server.

The Great BWE3 Countdown

With 5 days on the clock to Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend, it’s time we prepare all members with a check list. Recently we had an increase in new members joining us (we have a whooping 90 members now!), and for some this is their first time playing Guild Wars 2. But whatever it is, here’s a check list for all members!

1. Yakisoba Guild’s rollcall. All members, make sure you sign up on our rollcall if you have bought Guild Wars 2 and will be rolling with Yakisoba.

2. Yakisoba will be playing on Scavenger’s Causeway Gate of Madness server for this beta weekend. Please transfer over if you want to join us. Usually each Beta Weekend comes with free gems for you to do so, so make sure you take advantage of that. For new players playing Guild Wars 2 for the first time, make sure you select Scavenger’s Causeway as your homeserver. Do note that in GW2 your account is binded to a server, unlike other MMO where you can create multiple accounts in different servers.

NOTE: In the event that our homeserver is full, you can join other servers and we can still add you to our guild. Guilds in GW2 are cross-server. You won’t be able to play with us, but you can still chat with members.

3. Get mumble. Yakisoba Guild uses Mumble for our VOIP communication is we expect all members to use it while playing. When BWE3 goes live, come to Mumble and look for Tsubaki or Shader to request us to invite you to the guild. We will only accept you by this way. This is our bare requirement to the guild. If you can’t make the effort, then we certainly don’t want you to be part of our family. Link to our mumble server on the side of our blog.

4. BWE3 schedule: Friday, July 20, at noon PDT (GMT -7) and ends Sunday, July 22, at 11:59 p.m. PDT (GMT -7). Which means for us GMT +8 users, the 3rd and final Beta Weekend 3 will be from Saturday 3am to Monday 3pm. Plan your schedule according, there is much so much more to test and experiment in the last BWE3.

5. Store up snacks and drinks. Tips for snacks: Get snacks where you won’t dirty your hands, so you can eat and play all the way. Wang Wang makes a great choice.

6. Try Asura and/or Sylvari. Finally, the last 2 races is now available and it’s time to explore the hell out of their maps.

7. WvW with the guild. We will probably do a huge organized WvW session during the BWE. Look out for it and do join us! Even if you don’t have a headset, you should still be on mumble to listen to instructions. Let’s show other players how an organized guild fights!


General GW2 tips:

Guild Wars 2 is a very very different game. Whatever past MMOs have taught you, it’s time to unlearn. Leveling in GW2 is easy and fun. Do your personal story quests, renown heart quests and their fame dynamic events for your main chunk of exp. But don’t neglect gathering and crafting while leveling in Tyria. The exp you get is huge, and it’s not something you should miss out, even if you may not enjoy crafting. Getting 100% map completion nets in a hell lot of exp/gold/great loots. Oh and remember to buy gathering tools axe/sickle/picks to gather the different mats.

Even if you outlevel a map, it’s proven that it’s still worth clearing the area for exp. For example, if you start of as a Human, you can always do the other 4 races Lv1-10 maps before moving up to the next level tier maps. Guild Wars 2 has a down-leveling feature that will bring your level down to the area’s level, this way you can never outlevel and clear content super quickly. Everywhere you go will always be challenging! Which is why it’s always said there is no end-game in Guild Wars 2. The game is the end game.

Items in Guild Wars 2 are differently labelled. The color rarity works differently here. Gray (Junk) < White (Common) < Blue (Fine) < Green (Masterwork) < Yellow (Rare) < Orange (Exotic) < Red (Legendary) < Purple (Mystic). Don’t think your green items are lousier than your blue, they are in fact better.

Always salvage stuff you don’t want for mats. Buy basic salvage kits from NPC.  It’s better that NPC-ing them away. Also, you can gamble items at the Mystic Forge. 4 of the same rarity for 1 random item.

Enjoy your time in Tyria! It’s a beautiful world.

WvW Officer Opening

As the guild is growing larger, we are now opening up an officer position for WvW. Do note that is a serious commitment and we have the highest expectations for all officers in Yakisoba.

WvW Officer

Qualities we are looking for: Comfortable with leading people, giving out decisive and clear instructions. Have team-oriented leadership qualities and level-headed. Willing to listen and decide on information given, and not ego-centric. Experience not necessary, but a bonus.

Expectations of a WvW Officer: Organize guild-level WvW on schedule timings, developing tactics and strategy, taking charge and lead all battles and operations when Guild Leader is not available. Help to lead a regroup should the main force be split into two (due to respawn).

Shortlisted candidates will be subjected a field test for the next upcoming BWE. We may consider getting more than 1 WvW officer, depending on the final performances of these officers to be.

Any members who wish to apply for the role may do so by contacting Tsubaki or posting on our guild facebook.

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