Yakisoba’s Anti-Botting Stance

Yakisoba has a strict anti-botting stance, and it greatly disturbs me that we have a member in the house that has been caught using botting/macroing. Lex was discovered to be AFK-macroing his character by our own members. I am very disappointed in this because Lex was our highest level in Yakisoba. I have kicked Lex from the guild and would also like to take this opportunity to warn all members about our stance on this.

We take great pride in leveling our characters, and using bots or AFK-macroing is a major No in our book. What’s worst is that it doesn’t even make sense to bot in Guild Wars 2. Levels don’t matter here as much as other MMOs. Please do not disgrace the guild with such an issue. Any members caught or reported will be expelled from the guild immediately.

Below are 2 video proof of Lex’s afk-macro in action.

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