The Final Countdown

Obligatory music from Europe – The Final Countdown.

With 3 hours more to go on for the possible early launch at 12pm, we have now reach frenzied stage. The excitement that is going on in our facebook group is over 9000! Also, we recently had a surge in applications and approval, which we have approved on a case by case basis. For the benefit of the new members, this is my last reminder slash guide for them on the basic requirements for Yakisoba.

1. Read the Pre-Guild Wars 2 preparation post here.

2. The few basic things you need to do to join Yakisoba Guild in Guild Wars 2.

  • Be accepted on the Facebook Group
  • Added your name into the rollcall
  • Downloaded mumble, and get registered by an officer
  • Wait in mumble/facebook for the selected server details
  • Mail 50 bronze to Tsubaki (IGN to be confirmed later)
  • Wait for invite
  • Invitation received, represent guild and voila you are a confirmed Yakisoba member.

3. Try out the Members login on the right side of the blog for any members-only news. Password is on our facebook.


Having said all of this, we will no longer explain this process any further. After a few days, we will begin pruning our member list. Members who fail to meet any of those basic requirements will be removed. Please don’t tell us you don’t know, because if you don’t have the bothered to be updated with what’s going on in Yakisoba, perhaps this is not the guild for you.

Cheers all. Let’s get ready for Guild Wars 2!

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