Yakisoba Raffle!

Proudly presenting to all members our first ever fundraising event for the guild!

We are conducting a Raffle to raise funds for WvW items such as Commander’s Handbook (100Gold) and seige blueprints. All of this funds will help our guild’s WvW endeavors as well as a great way for the guild to earn something nice in return. Prizes are all sponsored by members from the guild.

Prizes to be won:

1. Celestial Dye
2. Arma 2 CO
3. Many more steam games such as:
  • Sanctum
  • Farcry 2 + DLC
  • Burnout Paradise
  • Arma 2 : Combined Ops
  • Tom Clancy HawX
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Saints Row 3 + DLC
  • EvE Online
  • Natural Selection 2
  • Terraria
  • Portal
  • Defence Grid
  • Alien Breed : Impact

*The Winner(s) will get to choose one out of the available prizes.
*The amount of winners will be determined by the number of entries; so more entries = more prizes!!

Here are the rules:
1. 10 Silver per Ticket
2. Each Ticket will allow you to choose a number from 1-1000
3. Tickets will be open for sale from now till 30th September 2012 11.59pm +8GMT
4. On 1st October 2012, we will RNG a number and the person who has the closest number wins!
5. In the case of a tie, we will hold “The Yakisoba Games” where contestants will fight till the last man/woman standing

How to buy a ticket:
Send an (in-game) mail -To: Enzer- || -Subject: Yakisoba Raffle!- with the number(s) you want and correct amount of Silver/Gold. Click here for a template guide: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mfdf26q9oq4sroq/mailtemplate.png

Enzer will then update it on a google doc (link below) where everyone will be able to see who has bought how many tickets and what numbers they have chosen.
The names in the doc will be the character name that sent Enzer the mail (So use your main!).

So what you waiting for, go flood Enzer’s mail!!!

Good luck everyone! Let’s make this a successful guild event!

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