Yakisoba @ Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a new f2p mmo with a soft launch on the 30th of April. The game itself is very action based, a cross between Guild Wars 2 and Diablo 3.

Currently a few of us are testing it, and we quite like the way they done with the cash shop and gem system. For a F2P game there is no artificial boundary that keep you from accessing the shop with playermade gems.

Few of the features are

  • Comprehensive LFG system for all.
  • First MMO the incorporates web-based interaction with game, including guilds chat/event, auction house, professions, foundry.
  • 3rd Person Shooter style gameplay.
  • Telegraphing system found in Tera and Wildstar.
  • Based on Dungeon and Dragon 4rd Edition ruleset, expect all the lore and mechanics to be awesome.
  • And most importantly – Player made content such as dungeon and quest AKA steamworkshop for MMO.
  • Yes there are raids.

Please refer to our recruitment post on the right side for more info. You can also apply to join Yakisoba community by applying on our facebook

Remember we are on the “DRAGON” server.

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