Yakisoba Retires from Guild Wars 2


I am officially announcing our guild’s retirement from Guild Wars 2. The interest for the game is at an all time low, and none of our officers have the time or interest to continuing maintaining the guild in game. Keitaru is too busy with work to continue organizing bounty events and such.

What this means for all members is that while Yakisoba still exists in game, the management will no longer be running the guild. There will be no more push for events or wvw or anything. There’s no need to farm for influence points. Those still actively playing the game, you are all free to rep and join other guilds (I believe most are anyway).

We all have had a good run, and GW2 has been brought alot of us together and many new friendships has been forged because of GW2. Now it’s time to let it lay to rest. We shall await the next MMO to sweep us off our feets. Perhaps it would be Wildstar or perhaps Blade & Soul or maybe it could just be Pokemon. Who knows.

But if you are looking for an MMO to play with the other members casually, Shader is running Yakisoba over at Neverwinter Online. We also started Yakisoba in RIFT (turning f2p in June) for those interested to play it, I’m still looking for someone to head the guild over there. Do check out the rollcalls for each respective games to add other members.


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