Spiral Knights

You won’t believe this, but we picked up a new casual game to help kill time and it’s proving to be rather addictive and fun.

Spiral Knights is a free to play, java-based browser game. Now before you say “meh”, have a look at it. It’s a dungeon crawler that doesn’t have level or classes, instead you punch your way deep into the planet’s core to gather loot or mats and what’s addictive is the crafting aspect of this game where you can make a lot of gear. The graphics are cute and it works well for the game.

The limit to this game is that you only have 100 energy to spend each day. 1 energy takes about 15mins to regain. You roughly get about and hour or two worth of gameplay time, which is pretty good if you want to play a casual game. Everytime you head down to the dungeons you will need to spend “energy”. And there’s where the payment model comes in: You can pay for more “time”. But the game is designed in such a way that you can still buy energy using crowns, the in-game currency.

This allows you to keep farming for crowns to buy more energy and pretty much be self-reliant.

Yakisoba has already established a guild in this game. PM or drop a mail to Tsuu to be added in! You don’t have to be online for us to send you an invite.

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