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URGENT NOTICE: Switching Server

Okay, due to the perverted 4-6 hours queue on Briarcliff, we have decided to follow the other oceanic guilds to the 2nd flagged server: Dayblind.

All members who are still queuing, take note of the shift and move to Dayblind instead.

Thank you and sorry for the trouble!

Can’t enter the RIFT

Here’s a major QQ-post about rift.

It’s 5 hours into the game, at the moment the highest level member in the guild is Lvl 2. Everyone else who woke up early to play the game is stuck on the incrediblely long queue. Massive QQ-ing on the forums, facebook and twitter. A lot of angry people. We’re also tired of people trying to defend Trion by saying it’s normal, because it isn’t. We have been playing a lot of head starts and this 2-4 hours queue just takes the cake. Period.

If Trion knew that there are 1 million subscriptions, they should have expected the numbers.

Sure, it’s nice gesture for them to open more servers now, but that’s just knee jerk reaction. And not to mention that in months to come, those newer servers will slowly die off one by one and then the whole “need to merge” shit happens and when you know it, the game is dead. Just like the other MMOs who have tried and failed. Most guilds/groups of friends have already decided on a server and to move everyone to a new server requires major communication, and more queuing. Good luck in retaining the guilds when they quit in mass numbers.

I guess the fact that most of us are just treating RIFT as a filler game to the other titles. It’s not gonna last unless by some magic patch the game is so soul sucking at the end.

TLDR: I am still patching.

At 2am, on server launch

…I am still patching. Fucking fail. It dropped to 9kb/s when I was sleeping.

And people are complaining the servers are mad packed. Queues for it are 2 hours along. GG.

Man, RIFT fails to anticipate this.

Sleep tight, we’ll see you soon.

Head start server goes live at 2am tomorrow, we better start sleeping now if we wanna join in the zergfest server jammed pack race.

There’s something about rushing a new game on its launch that excites me. Even though there’s gonna be shit loads of people and questing is gonna be a major bitch, the kick is there when you are leading the race at the top of your pack.

Get ready your caffeinated snacks because we’re gonna roll!


It’s probably not right to post another game since we are all going to RIFT, but hey, this is a reminder that RIFT has a lot of competitors coming out later this year. TERA‘s shaping up to be a strong contender for 2011, aside from Guild Wars 2 & Star Wars: The Old Republic. And it’s also finally a MMO that isn’t “tab + cast skill” but requires some skill and aiming.

RIFT monthly subscription plans

For those who want to know how much it costs to pay to play on a monthly basis, you will be glad to know that there is a “founder’s” price if you pre-order!

RIFT Head Start Details

Special Announcement: PayPal is now available as a payment option! You can adjust your payment settings in your Trion Worlds Account.

The RIFT Head Start is just around the corner and the forces of the planes are gathering. Head Start is scheduled to run from Feb 24, 2011 at 10:00 AM PST through launch (North America – March 1, 2011 at 10 AM PST / Europe – March 4, 2011 at 4 PM GMT). Here’s what to do to make sure you’re ready to join the fight on February 24th.

  1. If you have installed the RIFT beta client, be sure to uninstall it before installing RIFT
  2. Download RIFT – You can also download RIFT from your Trion Worlds Account
  3. Install RIFT and then patch until you’re ready to play!

Steam™ & Amazon™ download customers – If you’ve already downloaded the client from Steam or Amazon, there’s no need to download it again. Just make sure your game is patched!

For more information on Head Start, please visit
We look forward to seeing you in Telara!

The RIFT Team

Trion Worlds, Inc.


Yakisoba @ Facebook

Since the forums are hardly used and most people are on facebook, I think we should just skip this old medium of communication and just use facebook directly.

The guild’s facebook page is

Request to join and you will be accepted. I will be actively updating both our guild site here, and our facebook page regarding our RIFT progress.


An invitation to Yakisoba @ RIFT


Briarcliff PvP

Greetings, I am Tsubaki leader of Yakisoba, a SG-based guild that has been playing together since 2007.

We started out in Granando Espada, and have moved to various MMOs like Cabal Online (SEA), Atlantica Online (Global), Dragonica (SEA), Team Fortress 2, Warhammer Online and Aion Online. Most of our core members have been playing together online for many years now, and we are pretty much like a family already.

We have been drifting around for quite a bit (ever since AION), and we have finally decided to come settle in RIFT.

We used to be a very hardcore guild, but of late with work and university commitments, most of our members have taken a back seat or stopped gaming lately. In RIFT, we plan to be a laidback, relax guild but with competent and skillful members who play after work/school hours. We will do premade PVPs and also 10m rift raids. We’ll even do 20m rift raids if we have the means.

We are seeking members who are from SG/MY/AUS, young working adults, uni students who still have that gaming touch with them, but can no longer commit to being “hardcore” anymore. If you want to be part of a community that is closely knitted, that often meet up for meals and gathering, then perhaps Yakisoba might be the guild for you.

We will be rushing at headstart to get the guild up. So if you do see us around, please pm any of us for an invite.


Yakisoba @ RIFT

Jesus, this blog is so damn dusty.

Well hello people! Time for a major major update. It’s been a while since we carried the Yakisoba banner. After we quit Aion some of us went to play WoW, but instead we joined another guild.

But right now we have a new home to move into, and this time it is RIFT. It’s a crossbred between WOW and WAR, and thrown in rifts as an interesting dynamic gameplay. There’s also a very interesting soul system which you can mix up to 3 of 8 souls for your respective classes to form different builds. This game probably breaks the usual typeset: rouges have tanking souls, mages have healings souls, clerics have melee and range dps souls, etc etc. And they do their jobs pretty effectively.

Former Yakisoba members, if you are looking for a new game to play, you can join us in this. The core team will be playing (myself, testarossa, kongbakpao and niyol) and we hope to form a casual yet active afterwork guild that does PVP and Rift Raidings.

So do you homework, and quickly preorder now. The game starts 1st March, but headstart for preorders will start this Friday, 2am GMT +8 (SG/MY)


We will be rolling DEFIANT on Briarcliff PvP server.

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