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Briarcliff PvP

Greetings, I am Tsubaki leader of Yakisoba, a SG-based guild that has been playing together since 2007.

We started out in Granando Espada, and have moved to various MMOs like Cabal Online (SEA), Atlantica Online (Global), Dragonica (SEA), Team Fortress 2, Warhammer Online and Aion Online. Most of our core members have been playing together online for many years now, and we are pretty much like a family already.

We have been drifting around for quite a bit (ever since AION), and we have finally decided to come settle in RIFT.

We used to be a very hardcore guild, but of late with work and university commitments, most of our members have taken a back seat or stopped gaming lately. In RIFT, we plan to be a laidback, relax guild but with competent and skillful members who play after work/school hours. We will do premade PVPs and also 10m rift raids. We’ll even do 20m rift raids if we have the means.

We are seeking members who are from SG/MY/AUS, young working adults, uni students who still have that gaming touch with them, but can no longer commit to being “hardcore” anymore. If you want to be part of a community that is closely knitted, that often meet up for meals and gathering, then perhaps Yakisoba might be the guild for you.

We will be rushing at headstart to get the guild up. So if you do see us around, please pm any of us for an invite.


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