Yakisoba and Titan Alliance in the toughest comeback

Losing to ET with 5.3k points and only 12 hours to go

Yakisoba and TA working hard to close the gap. With 6 more hours to go.
It looks possible, but ET and JQ started to crack our armor and our tension after 6 hours of intense defending.
A glimmer of hope remain.

Shouts of victory and manly tears were shed when we manage to holdout and sustain our dominance.
We passed ET in points at exactly 4:05 AM in the morning.
Our defenders are wearing thin and fatigue plaguing our members.
Luckily we are with Titan Alliance. The NA guild has awaken and started to join in to the fight.
We finally caught a break but are unable to relax, due to the fact that we will lose this tiny lead at any time.

After all the dust has died down, Henge of Denravi has emerged as the winner at the end.
Winning by a 1.3k margin is no small feat especially when you see the points deficit at the start.

I hereby congratulate  all of our members for sticking it in WvW.
Shout out to Zan and his team for the commando move. Bringing down Trebuchets when the time is dire.
Also to our WvW officers Kuch and Cara, where they have push past the fatigue and make sure we held our forts.

Furthermore, i would like to give a shoutout to SYN’s 5 man golem team that took Stonemist by Blitzkrieg.


Lastly to the guilds of Titan Alliance, we have shown the world this is what organized WvW is all about.

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